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Last Minute Christmas Gifts (that don't suck)

Posted by Melon Lime on
Last Minute Christmas Gifts (that don't suck)

Firstly, let me just say what everyone is thinking and has probably been thinking from around March onwards: this year has been—mildly put—strange and there’s a good chance that your December, just like mine, most likely wasn’t filled with festivities. 

But even though this month was lacking office parties and mulled wine, chances are it was full of work from home and drinking Baileys at an un-reasonably early hour (simply guessing, not speaking from experience at all), getting tested for covid so we can spend the holidays with our families and other things we really didn’t think we’d be doing this year, which might mean getting presents took a side step. Again.

So if you’re fishing for those last minute gifts for your loved ones, here are a few options that might work.

And the best part besides the fact that they won’t disappoint? They don’t require leaving the house or waiting for the mailman.

The first thing I ask myself when getting a present for someone is: what are the values that the person honours greatly? What are the causes that they like to support? Are they really into saving Mother Earth? Adopting all the stray dogs? Standing up for LGBTQ rights? What cause is the closest to their heart? Once you know this it’s pretty easy.

One thing you could do is donate to one of the organisations supporting their favourite cause in their name. Or, if they’re really into saving the environment or into animals, you can always sponsor an animal in their name, which usually includes a financial donation to one of the charities dedicated to protecting that specific species in exchange for a certificate featuring their sponsored animal and usually even quarterly updates to see the difference their contribution is making.

If you’d prefer to give your person an actual gift, come back to what they love most. It doesn’t have to be a super specific thing like an item or a brand but if you can think of a store that fits their values as well as their needs, why not give them a gift certificate for that specific store? It’s a super useful gift and there are less chances of gifting them the wrong thing as they’ll be choosing what they love/need most themselves.

Another thing I love to gift are experiences like yoga classes, concerts, trips. I know the situation is not ideal for that right now, but I have all the faith that we will be able to travel, hangout and enjoy ourselves together again soon, but until that happens, there are so many online experiences you could gift like a private yoga class, virtual sound bath, a gift certificate for their favourite restaurant when it opens up again, cooking lessons…the options are almost unlimited.

Whichever gift you’re giving—whether it’s an experience, gift certificate or a donation—take some time for research and try to support smaller businesses, maybe donate to that smaller shelter or organisation that is in desperate need of funding, and most importantly support local makers, shops and artists, if you can. Let’s help each other get though this strange, wonderful, devastating year.

Cheerful holidays & big hug to everyone!


Katarina Tavčar Možina

Katarina Tavcar Yoga teacher

Dreamer, creator, storyteller, yogini.

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