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About Us

M&L founders

Melon & Lime is a two-girl band consisting of Rebeka & Jelena. We're so happy to have you! 

When we first got the idea for Melon & Lime, we simply wanted to create beautiful yoga mats that would motivate people to practice and stretch. But we soon realized that we can - and should - do more. We want our mats to provide comfortable grounding for your practice but also to inspire.

That is why we decided to connect our mats to an app. Thanks to the app, you'll always have everything you need for a cozy home yoga practice right at your fingertips - a mat & a bunch of guided yoga and meditation videos for inspiration. 

“Above all, we want our mats to feel like your private feel-good space, and our community like a Self Love Club, that you can always turn to. You are SO welcome!” XO, 

Rebeka + Jelena